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Au Pair Interview : How to Prepare Effectively?

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The Interview is needed for any job, but the au pair interview is different. Especially that you do not meet the possible host family in person, but you just use a video call to learn more about each other.
It’s also different because you need to prepare your questions as your answers. So here are some tips to nail the interview.

First of all, pay attention to the time zone so you don’t miss the call or be unprepared. Sit in a comfortable place with stable internet, and sufficient light, place your camera in front of you the way they see your top.

The Look :

It’s not a company interview to wear a specific custom, rather, you need just to wear a nice, clean t-shirt. Put on your beautiful smile and avoid having much makeup on.

Be Yourself:

Do not try to change your way to talk, or anything in you, talk freely without stress. If you had trouble to say a word in their language, just say it in English, and tell them sorry I don’t know it in your language and that you are still learning to improve that.

The Questions they could ask you :

There are loads of questions online to prepare you for the au pair interview, but the host families choose to ask their own questions like:
What do you think to do after the au pair stay?
What do you think the hardest thing when dealing with children?
Why do you want to be an au pair?
and that’s of course with the typical questions like, What is your childcare experience?
Do you have some driving experience?
Do you have kids at home?
How you spend your free time/ What are your hobbies?

Questions you should ask the future host family:

Write the questions on a small piece of paper and put it next to you. Try not to ask about something they mentioned already on their profile. If the kids are present during the call, talk to them ask them about their favorite cartoon or toy. The most important questions to ask are:

What are your work hours? from when to when?
What are they expecting from you?
What kind of housework do you should be doing?
What are the kids’ interests?
If you are going to share the room with someone.

Try not to show your reaction about the family or their answers during the call, you better send them an email after the call or just wait for their feedback first.

Leave your comments and questions below.

I love you all!

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