Au-pair Program

Au-pair Program? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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Let me tell you what’s an au-pair program means, it’s a cultural program for an unmarried young person, typically a woman, to improve her language and discover a foreign country. For those reasons, she lives during the program time by a host family and helps them in light housework and childcare.

Au pair’s main work is taking care of the kids, the housework shouldn’t be more than 20% of her job and it’s also just about the kid’s room and food. ( sadly the reality is different)
Every month, an au pair should get an amount of money as pocket money, and it’s different from a country to another.

Basic language skills of the language spoken in
the country of destination is needed, to apply for the visa, but some families required more than the basic level.

In many host countries, an au pair need to take language courses even during the au pair stay, to help her improving the language and integrate into the community.

The course’s fee normally paid by the au pair, the host family can be helping a bit. ( in Germany, the family gives 50euro/monthly for the course and the au pair pay the rest ).
The Family should allow the au pair sufficiently time to take the course.

Au pair holidays can vary from country to country, but when staying with a family for a whole year, an au pair should have 4 weeks of holiday, and any travel or vacation with the host family, it doesn’t count as a holiday.

I hope I clear your image about au pair!

don’t hesitate to send me your questions!

I wish you all good luck.

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