Au-pair Program

Au-pair Program? THIS IS HOW IT WORKS.

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Begin an au pair program seems a great idea if you search for a challenging experience and a new language. It will open your eyes to another world. And put you with people that you never meet to be “your host family” it sounds super exciting, so how it works? 

 First: The language  

Get a basic level of the language spoken in the country of destination. Nowadays, you can learn anything online, so start by searching online free courses and YouTub channels that can help you learn from zero. the estimated time of learning a basic level is 3 months.

 I advise you to practice on the old tests and find a language partner to practice the speaking part for the test and the host family skype too.  

It’s your choice to take the test before or after finding a family.

I took it after I found the family, as the visa appointment in my country take a long time and I wasn’t sure I will find a family at all. 

Second: The host family

When you are ready to communicate with people, it’s time to start the process of searching for the host family. 

It could be easier and quicker to find an agency to search for you, but it will coast you money which you can save for the next steps (language test, translation…), that’s why using websites is a good free option. 

I’ve tried loads of websites and ” AUPAIRWORLD ” was satisfying for my needs.

Third: The contract 

The contract au pair is available on many websites, you can download your native language version, read it, and ask the family about the unclear information. 

When it’s full and signed, ask for a copy in email and read it carefully, and you should freely ask them anything you don’t admit to change it. The contract should serve both sides and it is made to protect your rights and to make your tasks clear. 

The contract contains information about your free time, your working hours, holiday, and room. 

 Make sure you read the country standard about the working hours.

Fourth: Visa documents 

After receiving the invitation letter, and the contract you still have to add some documents like your CV, Cover letter, and the language test results ( check the embassy website to find the checklist ).

Preferably, add a few screenshots of your conversation with the host family. 

Fifth: Prepare for your travel 

Find a traditional, small Gift for the family, nothing fancy but something special for your country and you can find it nowhere else. 

Don’t book any flight until you get your visa or the embassy asks you for it. 

I hope my proposals help you, don’t hesitate to leave your question below.

I wish you all good luck.

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