Dove and The Body Shop Join Forces to Fight Against Animal Testing

Dove and The Body Shop Join Forces to Fight Against Animal Testing

No to animal cruelty. This is what the cosmetics brands Dove and The Body Shop are asking the European Chemicals Agency to do when it wants to carry out new experiments on animals. animal testing

This week in the streets of Paris, Berlin, Madrid or Milan, it will be possible to see a work of art representing a giant white rabbit escaping from the hands of a scientist. Next to it, the slogan “join us to end animal testing and save animal cruelty free cosmetics in Europe”. This street art illustrates the threat represented by the new requirements of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) on animal testing. It is signed by Nina Valkhoff, an international artist and activist from the Netherlands.

The Body Shop, Dove and major international animal protection organizations such as PETA, Eurogroup for Animals and Cruelty Free Europe are behind the campaign. The objective is to maintain the laws that prohibit animal experimentation and particularly the testing of cosmetics in the European Union. They want to mobilize 1 million European citizens in one year to sign the European Citizens’ Initiative, which allows them to alert the European Commission.
New requests for animal testing


As a reminder, since 2013, the marketing of cosmetics tested on animals is prohibited and since 2018, animal testing is banned globally by the European Parliament.However, the European Chemicals Agency is considering since 2020 to resume some animal testing. The reason? To evaluate two chemical substances: homosalate and 2-ethylhexyl salicylate.

A decision against which Dove is formally opposed: “We firmly believe that animal testing has no place in beauty products or their ingredients and we have been the first to propose safe, non-animal alternatives to evaluate the safety of products and ingredients for many years. This commitment is driving us to take urgent action to protect the EU ban on animal testing,” says Firdaous El Honsali, director of global communications and sustainability at Dove, who hopes to block the decision.

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