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Is it OK to not have goals in life?

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The answer is, of course, NO. You are not even living a life if you are not waking up every day thinking about your goal and how to achieve it.

“Without a goal, you will undergo your life just for moving from a problem to another instead of moving from an opportunity to another” Charles Jeans.

Even if we all agree that Goals are so important. Just a few people trace their goals and work hard to reach them, so why the others never try to creat their future instead of accepting any opportunity from the world?

Here are some reasons that can stop people from reaching their goals : 

Fear :

The fear could be your first enemy. The Fear of Failure, of rejection, of the unknown, could affect the concentration to attract your future by making goals and planning to reach them. The fear generally caused by previous experiences and stop the person from moving on for a better life.

When we fail something, our brains try to prevent any similar experience that could create the same feeling. 

That makes sense why some people stop making expectations for their futures. 

The only key to kill this fear is to learn from the past and don’t let it steal your dreams.

Underestimation yourself:

The way you see yourself influences how you want it to be in the future.

 If you underestimate yourself so you are assuming that you are not enough to achieve anything, and you know nothing about your goals.

You can change that easily by focusing on what you got already as an example that you can get more. and remember if anyone could accomplish something so you can too.


The third reason could steal life by using “I will” and spend time without making any plan to make dreams true.

So start whatever the idea you have once you get it, and stop waiting for tomorrow to change your life.


Many people know their goals and want to reach them but they are ignorant of the way to reach them. As wanting to be rich but don’t own sufficient knowledge to manage money. So the first thing is to search, learn, and study the possibilities you could have to achieve the goal.

If you are not taking any step towards your goal, it will be just a dream.

It’s all coming from you and your desire to succeed, all depends on how are you working to make it real and how many excuses you give.

Try to work smart more than hard and remember that if you don’t fight for it, you don’t deserve it.

I will be happy to read your comments.

I love you all!  

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