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Loneliness: our advice to avoid the Christmas depression

Christmas is a holiday that brings people together, yet some people find themselves alone and approach this time of year with apprehension.

Several studies agree: loneliness is the main factor of depression at Christmas. The cure? Not staying alone.

Dating sites so that you don’t have to be alone

Don’t you have any family or friends or are you angry with them? That’s no reason to sit alone in the living room watching a TV show on Christmas Day.

It’s high time to find some company! And your computer can be a great help in doing this. There are sites that can help you connect people who are isolated.

One example is the campaign #JoinIn, which connects people who want to break the loneliness on Christmas Day.

Comedian Sarah Millican started the campaign in 2011 to help people who were involuntarily alone.

“If you’re alone and feeling lonely, follow the hashtag #joinin and start chatting with others there. Maybe tweet what you’re up to what you’re eating, watching on telly etc,” Millican wrote on Twitter. open next page to see More