Alicia Keys'

Now it’s Alicia Keys’ turn to take on beauty

American singer, actress, and producer Alicia Keys joins the host of celebrities who recently unveiled their own line of make-up and skincare products. The interpreter of “Girl on Fire” has teamed up with E.l.f. Beauty for this new adventure which will start in the course of the year 2021.

Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and more recently Selena Gomez and Addison Rae have all set their sights on the cosmetics industry by launching their own beauty brands. A universe that continues to attract celebrities as it is Alicia Keys’ turn to develop products in her own image. However, the singer collaborates with E.l.f. Beauty for this new challenge, and stands out from her peers with a brand that combines beauty and lifestyle with an inclusive and wellness-oriented tone.

A concept that perfectly suits the personality and lifestyle choices that Alicia Keys stands for. She is one of the first personalities to have adopted “no make-up” in her daily life, but also during her shootings or on the red carpet. The singer clearly broke the codes, and many celebrities have since followed the movement, at least on Instagram, posing natural poses frequently.

So it’s no surprise to learn that this new brand will put inner and outer beauty in the spotlight, with products developed by dermatologists and cruelty-free, as the E.l.f. ad states. Beauty in a press release. However, no details were given about the name of this brand or the specificity and type of products. E.l.f. However, Beauty states that it is expected to be launched in the course of 2021.

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