Top 3 outdoor sports in the Covid Era The Good Life

Top 3 outdoor sports in the Covid Era

What do fitness, yoga, and cross-fit have in common? All three sports were born indoors, but can also be practiced outdoors. In fact, they are increasingly so, since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing measures introduced almost everywhere in the world. At the height of the summer season and with the […]

Alicia Keys'

Now it’s Alicia Keys’ turn to take on beauty

American singer, actress, and producer Alicia Keys joins the host of celebrities who recently unveiled their own line of make-up and skincare products. The interpreter of “Girl on Fire” has teamed up with E.l.f. Beauty for this new adventure which will start in the course of the year 2021. Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and […]

Orthotic inserts: what is their interest? How to get them? The Good Life

Orthotic inserts: what is their interest? How to get them?

Orthotic inserts have undergone significant improvements in recent decades. They now make it possible to relieve many mechanical disorders. How do they work and how to get them? Custom-made insoles now make it possible to treat a very wide range of disorders, explains orthopaedic-orthotist Jacques Fecherolle before listing Deformations such as flat or hollow feet […]

5 reasons why you can't lose weight The Good Life

5 reasons why you can’t lose weight

Despite all the efforts invested, it is sometimes very difficult to eliminate stubborn pounds because we sometimes forget that some of the reasons that hinder the success of our slimming challenges are rooted in our habits, our lifestyle, and the very functioning of our body. Eating habits, health problems, sleep, stress… so many factors that […]

The Health Benefits of Veganism The Good Life
Balanced Diet

The Health Benefits of Veganism

 An Overview of the Health Benefits of Veganism Nutritional Benefits  Vegan dieters have significantly lower BMI compared to their omnivorous counterparts.Vegan diet can improve cardiovascular health as it is significantly lower in saturated fats.The high fiber content of the vegan diet can lower the risk of colon cancer.The diet is great for bone health, as […]