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Researchers develop smart tattoos for health monitoring

A team of researchers has developed intelligent electronic tattoos that can monitor patients’ health in real-time.

Smart tattoos

German scientists have made tattoos injected into the skin to monitor patients’ health. A special ink changes color when the patient is sick.

On the surface, these tattoos look like normal tattoos. But they would allow patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disorders or kidney failure to be monitored remotely. The ink used is injected into the dermis of the skin. Biomarkers in the ink reflect what happens in the blood by detecting our biological activity.

Progress in patient follow-up

While diabetic patients must regularly monitor the level of certain substances, tattoos are able to change color according to the level of blood acidity, glucose and albumin concentration, considered the main transport protein in the blood.

These tattoos could offer a complete and easier follow-up for patients. Discreet, they can be placed on the arm or above the heart without disturbing the patient. The author of the research noted that this was still a futuristic concept, but one that could greatly help preventive medicine of the future.