Au-pair Program

Studying a language while being an Au Pair

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Mastery of at least one other language helps to broaden one’s communication skills and opens up new personal and professional opportunities. But becoming completely bilingual requires a fairly long daily practice. For this, the best solution is to stay in the country where it is used. Indeed, by being constantly in contact with it, you can easily increase your knowledge, discover its richness and appropriate its subtleties. It is while shopping, reading the local press, going out and meeting new people that you can learn expressions, accent, etc.

Being an Au Pair allows this immersion in the language of the country of your choice since it is the first language spoken in your host family. On a daily basis, you will interact with the children and parents and share the simple and warm moments of the family. Your language level will improve quickly, so hang in there, because as with all beginnings, it can be a little difficult!

Finally, you will have the opportunity to take language courses abroad, the ideal opportunity to make friends quickly, and to obtain a valuable certification of course attendance abroad for later on. A real plus for your resume and future applications.

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