Au-pair Program

The Au Pair contract: guidelines and template

Au Pair contract

The Au Pair contract is a legal document that clarifies all essential aspects of the Au Pair exchange program. The Au Pair contract covers the following points

  • Au Pair’s working hours
  • Au Pair’s salary
  • Duties and responsibilities of the Au Pair
  • Duties and responsibilities of the Host Family

To download the Au Pair contract template, click here

The Au Pair contract is a legal document that can help you avoid many misunderstandings and possible problems during the Au Pair stay as well as protect you in the event of a problem. The contract mentions all the important details and expectations that are discussed between the Au Pair and the Host Family.

If you think you have already found your ideal Au Pair or Host Family, don’t forget to arrange a video interview via Skype to get to know each other better.

Au Pair Contract –

Below you can see a list with the most important points of an Au Pair contract:

  • Duration of the stay: How long will the stay last?
  • Start and end date of the contract: When will the Au Pair stay start? When will it end?
  • Weekly/monthly amount of pocket money: How much will the Au Pair earn for the service provided?
  • Vacations: How many free days will the Au Pair have? When will they fall? Room and board: Where will the Au Pair live? Describe the Au Pair’s room, general rules, …
  • Working hours: How many hours will the Au Pair have to work? What will be the working hours?
  • Travel costs to the host country: Who will cover the travel costs to the host country? Will the Au Pair be allowed to use the family car?
  • Insurance: Who will be responsible for the Au Pair’s medical insurance? Does the Au Pair have additional insurance (civil liability, accident, etc.)?
  • Au Pair’s responsibilities: What will be the Au Pair’s responsibilities during the stay?
  • Travel expenses: Who will pay for the Au Pair’s travel expenses to the host country?
  • Contract cancellation: What is the notice period in case of contract cancellation?
  • Visa fees: Who will pay the visa fees?

You can download the standard Au Pair Contract template and modify it according to your case and needs. If a participant needs to apply for a visa to become an Au Pair in the target host country, he/she will need a signed contract to prove the veracity of the future Au Pair stay to the host country’s embassy. The Host Family must print the contract, sign it and send it to the Embassy so that the Au Pair can begin the visa application process.

Check here the model Au Pair service contract approved by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on January 18, 1972 (don’t forget that it is not an employment contract!).

Termination of the Au Pair contract

If there is a serious problem during the Au Pair’s stay or if there is an emergency where one of the parties must leave, you should consider terminating the contract.

If you decide to terminate the contract, respect the notice period. Generally, this is two weeks. During this time, the Au Pair and the Host Family can find a plan B. To avoid misunderstandings, it is necessary to discuss important details before the Au Pair arrives in the host country.

If the Au Pair comes to the host country through a full-service agency, he/she should inform the responsible organization. The full-service agency will help find a solution.

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