Tips to Help You Prepare for Childbirth and Labor The Good Life

Tips to Help You Prepare for Childbirth and Labor

Indeed, following childbirth preparation sessions allows you to acquire the appropriate breathing techniques (essential to reduce pain during and between each contraction) and the childbirth positions that are useful to help Baby get out of your stomach. They also allow you to communicate in utero with the future child, creating a very strong bond between you, your father and your baby.
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While the benefits of childbirth preparation sessions are many and very real, the methods used are diverse, it is up to each mother-to-be to choose the one that suits her best. Thus, aspiring singers will be delighted to practice prenatal singing as a birth preparation technique, while sportswomen will be charmed by pilates. The catfish, for their part, will prefer prenatal aquagym pool sessions while those who enjoy gentle sensations will opt for acupuncture or fasciatherapy. As for the adepts of relaxation techniques where the harmony of body and mind play a predominant role, they will find their happiness in yoga, sophrology or even hypnonatal.

For those who obviously consider that dad should participate in these “meetings” of preparations for childbirth but who do not want him to be a mere spectator, the Bonapace method and haptonomy will meet their expectations.