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Top websites to learn languages before your au pair adventure

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In order to get a visa and take part in the Au Pair program, many countries require you to have a certain level of language proficiency.
That’s why I decided to create this article , in which I referenced the best sites to learn a foreign language. These sites will allow you to learn to speak, read and understand the language of your choice: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Danish, etc etc…

The purpose of these sites is not (always) to make you go back to school. Most of them now offer very short programs (sometimes only 15 minutes per day) but which have proven to be very effective for learning a new language. The advantage of this new method of learning is that it is possible, for example, to make useless moments (public transportation for example) into fun and beneficial ones by learning to speak a language that can potentially open many doors in your professional and personal life.

Not all of the sites listed below offer only 15-minute programs per day. Some of them offer you courses, training, much more advanced and even prepare you to take certain exams.

The best sites to learn a language


Babbel is the mastodon of online language courses. With its 13 learning languages, the Babbel application is the best-selling application worldwide. With its clear and intuitive interface, you can choose the language and courses you want to learn with peace of mind. Each lesson lasts 15 minutes, so you can be sure you’ll remember everything and find the time every day. Lessons are conducted with language experts and native speakers, so that they are of high quality and easily assimilated by novices. Available on the Apple Store and Google Play, the Babbel application has already won over millions of people. Babbel is also available on the computer.


Italki allows you to learn a language through personalized learning. Choose the language, the time and the teacher with whom you wish to study a language and start learning and converse with him/her live by video via Skype. These one-to-one lessons in live video chat allow you to learn faster than with a book and classic lessons. Convenient, you pay per lesson so you always keep your budget under control. You can follow your lessons anywhere and anytime as long as you have a wifi connection. In addition to the videos, Italki gives you access to language learning articles and a correction exchange system. You can also carry out language exchanges by teaching your mother tongue in exchange for discussions in the language of your choice for completely free teaching.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a foreign language learning software based on a revolutionary teaching method. Its non-translation method allows you to recognize sounds and associate them with images in order to assimilate the understanding of the language more quickly. The TruAccent® speech recognition tool allows you to improve your pronunciation easily. The method is based on oral expression in order to understand and be understood in all situations of daily life. Rosetta Stone also allows total immersion in the language thanks to its Dynamic Immersion® method, which focuses on learning words in real-life situations rather than learning words and expressions by rote without context. Rosetta Stone’s mobile application is available both online and offline and allows users to download lessons, get a conversation and pronunciation guide and listen to stories read by native speakers to improve their accent. A revolutionary method!


Hypnoledge is a very innovative site that allows you to learn English, Spanish, Italian and German. This site has been much talked about in the press because its concept is unique in France. Indeed, Hypnoledge allows you to learn a new language under hypnosis. Hypnosis classes last 20 minutes and this concept seems to have proven itself with many users, and even seems to have been tested in some high schools. Hypnoledge presents itself as a simple method to learn a language, easy and fast, limiting distractions during learning, and also limits memorization efforts. The site also offers a 14-day trial period to test this unique concept for free.


Lingoda is a site that offers online language courses for groups or individuals. Learn English, German, Spanish and French with qualified native teachers. With a total flexibility, the courses are adapted to your rhythm and you learn the language in total peace of mind. Available 24 hours a day, the courses are adapted to the student’s lifestyle. At the end of the course, students can obtain certificates according to the CEFR which can be used to enter certain foreign universities or even to apply for a visa. The online platform has offices in each country of the language being taught for greater proximity to its students.


Prepare effectively for all official language tests with GlobalExam. This e-learning platform dedicated to the preparation of language tests such as TOEIC, DELF, Bright Deutsch, WiDaF, HSK… allows you to obtain concrete results in 30 days. With 2500 exercises and numerous online mock exams, improve your language level and get good test scores. Two options are available: the free version gives you access to revision sheets, statistics and training for each session, and the paid version, starting at 29.90€, allows you to take numerous mock exams, corrected exercises and revision schedules for an optimal result.


Duolingo is a free and fun way to learn languages. Addictive and effective, learn the language of your choice from English, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese in the form of a game. Lessons are short and include translation and pronunciation exercises. The resulting quizzes allow you to get points for correct answers to advance to the next level. If you don’t answer the quizzes correctly, you lose points and have to start from the beginning like any other video game. The quizzes are fun and come with automatic corrections that allow you to improve. Also available on mobile application, you can learn anywhere for optimal learning.


Skilleos gives you access to many online language course videos. Accessible 24/7, learn the language of your choice at any time from all the videos offered. More than 40 languages are offered for learning via interactive conversation guides. English, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Finnish, Serbian, Chinese, Hindi… choose the language that suits you and become an expert! Before you start, you can test the course for free to get an idea of its content and pedagogy. You can pay for the course or take out a monthly subscription to get unlimited access to the entire site. In any case, at the end of your online training, a certificate will be delivered to you. As language skills are a sought-after skill in the world of work, don’t hesitate to add your certificate to your CV!

Mosa Lingua

Mosa Lingua is a language learning method available on both smartphone and computer. This method named Mosa Learning is based on 6 concepts from cognitive science allowing you to optimize your learning: the system of spaced repetition, active revision, metacognition, pareto law and learner’s motivation and psychology. Mosa Lingua allows you to learn a language and remember it for a very long time. Exercises, tips, dialogues… this application offers you different possibilities to learn the language of your choice while remaining based on the Mosa learning method.


Memrise is a site for effective language learning. With 11 languages available and more than 200 courses created by expert linguists, Memrise offers you the opportunity to improve and become fluent in the language of your choice. Thanks to the 20,000 videos available and produced by native speakers, work on your grammar but also on understanding regional accents that are often difficult to assimilate. You can also learn the language without wasting time thanks to the Memrise application available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Even without wifi, the application works with its offline mode so you can work wherever you are.


This online language learning site offers more than 1000 lessons created by expert linguists. Thanks to its voice recognition tool, learn to write but also to speak with ease. Busuu focuses on the mutual help that exists within its large community of users, allowing you to interact with them in the language you are learning and to have exercises corrected by native speakers. 12 languages are offered and 10 minutes of lessons per day are enough to reach a good level. Learn wherever you are thanks to the offline mode of the application which allows you to continue your lesson even if you don’t have wifi anymore. Finally, personalize your lessons yourself by focusing on the points that are most difficult for you such as grammar or vocabulary.

Another site to learn a new language?

If you know of any other language learning sites that would also deserve to be listed here, please let me know by contacting me, or by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

Each additional site listed here could help the next visitor, and could even completely change his or her life. It may sound exaggerated when you say it like that, but speaking several languages is a great asset that has nothing more to prove.

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