True Or False: Facts You Should Know About The Coronavirus The Good Life

True Or False: Facts You Should Know About The Coronavirus

Now present on the 5 continents, the coronavirus is now the talk of the town. Its novelty and its rapid spread very quickly worried many people. With more than 200 individuals affected in France and new outbreaks of spread on the territory, how do we protect ourselves effectively from Covid-19 today? The Good Life untangles the true from the false in this article.

Wash your hands regularly

True – Did you know that only 31% of men and 42% of women wash their hands after taking public transport? Knowing that we mechanically touch our faces about 3,000 times a day, it is essential to wash our hands to prevent the spread of viruses. Indeed, the mouth, nose, and eyes are the gateways for Covid-19, which is transmitted, among other things, through direct contact such as a handshake, as well as through objects (the lifespan of the virus on so-called inert surfaces would be a few hours).

We, therefore, think of washing our hands ideally every hour with soap for at least 30 seconds by rubbing between the fingers and under the nails. You can also use a hydroalcoholic solution.
Do not forget to do it after sneezing or coughing, and even if you have used a tissue to protect your face. This will also protect you from other viruses that are currently circulating, such as the flu or gastroenteritis!