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Write the Perfect Au Pair’s Cover Letter

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Did you find a nice family and signed the contract? Now it’s time to convince the authority to give you the visa!

Your Cover letter is critical for the approval of your Visa. It can decide whether you get a visa or not. As many embassies don’t make interviews because of the number of applicants, the Cover letter is the only way to identify you. 

Which mistakes can you make and which can you not?

What is a cover letter?

The Cover letter is a very important part of the visa process.

If the embassy does not request the cover letter as part of the documents that you have to include with your visa application, you can be sure that the embassy staff member will verbally ask you about your motivation.

So be prepared! And think about what your motives for the au pair stay.

If your reasons are clear to you, practice formulations that help you to express your reasons clearly and convincingly. The more able you can explain why you want to be an au pair, the better!

Legal basis for an au pair visa :

Not every applicant who would like to start an au pair program is allowed to do.

An au pair applicant must meet general criteria that affect their motivation in addition to the appropriate age and existing language skills.

The message is bound by legal requirements that determine who can get this visa.

The Legal basis for an au pair visa it’s certainly different from country to another, concerning the German one, I could found ” visumhandbuch” as pdf, which was very helpful to know what I need to talk about in my Cover letter. It contains the legal basis for this visa that says: 

“Issuing visas for an au pair stay is only possible if the improvement of German language skills and the completion of general education through better knowledge of the host country is the primary goal of the stay”.

Which could be common for other countries. 

The cover letter form 

Handwritten texts are often difficult to read, do not make it more difficult for the embassy staff. 

Write your cover letter on a PC, printed out, and then sign it by hand. As you mean to show your motivations, the letter should include at least one page, and don’t worry about the spelling and grammatical errors, your language doesn’t need to be perfect. 

Content of the cover letter 

Searching for cover letters on the internet to see the structure could be a good idea but don’t use any of them because simply it should be written by you personally and be individual. 

You should start your letter with a suitable salutation and then introduce yourself personally, name, age, where you come from and what you have done so far including studies and work experiences if you have.

You should mention also the languages you speak and describe your knowledge of the language spoken in the host country. 

Also important to provide information about the skills you have had in caring for children. 

 Now you should write if you have a personal connection to the host country. Why do you want to go there as an au pair? Maybe you’ve already been there as a tourist? What do you know about this country? 

Then it’s time to talk about your motivations, using these following questions :

  • Why is it very important for you to start an au pair program in that country?
  • Why is it essential for you to improve that language?

Make sure to attach your answers with your future plans in your country, and which advantages will you have in your professional life if you speak well that language.

Some Applicants also give the motivation to want to gain (further) experience in childcare. This is a common mistake! To gain experience in childcare, nobody has to travel to a foreign country. You can also gain experience in childcare very well in your home country.

In the end, conclude your letter with a friendly farewell.

The interest to return 

You must want to return to your home country after the au pair stay.

If you are thinking about staying longer in the host country after the au pair stay and starting training, studying, a voluntary social year etc. You should quickly forget that !!

If you mention at the embassy that you would like to start a career there after the au pair program, you will not get a visa 100% and you must say goodbye to your dream immediately!

You have to convince the embassy that you want to come back to your country after the au pair program is done, where you already have specific career plans!

Leave your ideas and questions below!


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